{ Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a bike, and read all the latest news and reviews. Locate Meridian boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Take a moment to review all the recent $35,000 in updates. amazon_ad_height="90"; Easy enough to actually FIX things, but getting to them is the problem.. We had a pressurized water system leak in the head at the sink. We bought a new Glastron GS-259 cruiser two years ago and had quite a few new boat issues, most of which I ended up fixing myself.. With the complexity and increased number of systems on the meridian, I fear buying one would increase my already high blood pressure after dealing with the glastron. I read the negative stuff right here on boatered.. location = document.selecter1.select1.options[document.selecter1.select1.selectedIndex].value You can steal a used one; if you want to move up in a few years (and you will) you will not take the hit as if you bought new. That soon changed when they bought their first boat. These are just some of the features that make the new 580 Pilothouse a great flagship for Meridian. or give me YOUR e-mail address? Boats. { Meridian 341 Sedan. It also got great reviews on BoatTest.com as well as Power and Motor Yacht and Yachting Magazines. I assume these access problems will be the same on the meridian? Most of the 381's came with DOC, with that said most Meridian owners find that the thrusters are best used as an aid in leaving or returning to the dock on a limited basis, with the need for some lateral movement. Australia's most comprehensive coverage of what's new in the automotive space. Magazine reviews are dependent on how much the boat mfg paid for advertising in that rag. I don't think exploding un-reinforced, made in china raw water hoses were a marine max problem. Both very good choices depending on what you want and how you use it. Docking’s a big deal to me, mostly because back when my wife and I were living in Connecticut and I was struggling to learn how to dock midrange cruisers, parking the darn things scared the livin’ daylights out of me. We are on our second Meridian in as many years. When I read some of the threads here about bigger problems, ones I can't fix myself, and lack of dealer support on a brand new expensive cruiser I am turned off to buying a new Meridian 341 sedan bridge.. { I'd buy it right now for that price if I thought I could sell my 341. Find Meridian 391 Sedan boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. he will be honest and probably as good resource as you can find, 13 mckee side console (dinghy for next boat). The wife loves the Meridian and I have grown fond of it as well. if (document.selecter5.select5.options[document.selecter5.select5.selectedIndex].value != "none") amazon_color_border="206BA2"; 30 Jul 2005, 15:04 Boat Reviews/Brochures Tim Banse, Motorboating & Yachting Magazine Tags: Sedan Bridge Yacht Reviews, Meridian 341 Review 0 … Model-meridian-desktop. Meridian 341 Review - CROWD PLEASER. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Locate Meridian boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. etc. Offering the best selection of Meridian boats to choose from. 441 Sedan. Select your engine size if different than the included engine size below. .it's ELEVEN FOOT ITIS. Nov 6, 2013 - Meridian Yachts 341 Sedan (2014-) We’ve always been of the opinion that the Meridian 341 Sedan serves as an excellent platform for those making the move up from smaller boats to an actual cruising yacht. Find a gently used one, to your wife's liking, and you will both be happy. ... Meridian 341 Sedan. RO# 25437. function go4() amazon_ad_link_target="new"; Almost. Meridian 341 Sedan . Any boat does not work long by simply turning the key and driving away like a car. The boat is slower with Diesels. Meridian Yachts Note. }, Captain Buddha Still curious about what the negatives are? Our WA writer Mike Brown reports, A great drive, smooth ride, and a tub in a full-sized bath after your passage. I'm not comfortable with dropping 300k on a new boat and having issues; which apparantly is not only normal, but expected. I'm pretty sure he's happy with the boat. And then they discovered a Meridian 341. Why do we have flybridges on boats is a question proffered from time to time, especially by those who sell sportscruisers. } On pleasant days, few boating experiences are better than captaining a vacation boat from an open-air bridge. amazon_ad_logo="hide"; Boats. if (document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value != "none") On windy days the thrusters are somewhat under powered and more boating control would be with the use of the engines. function go2() He says that in his posts. He's been very pleased with it, no issues that I'm aware of. They are nice. Find Meridian 341 Sedan boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. She’s one of the few boats in class that offers a flying bridge in a world where most of the industry focuses on express cruisers and coupes. { N/A due to limited resale activity. ". Buy tyres online and save up to 50% off RRP. Advertisement. It's not rocket science I agree.. I wanted to warn other 341 owners of a problem they may not be aware of. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a boat, and read all the latest news and reviews. I only do about 100 hours a year during the short northern boating season so I would never save enough money on fuel to justify the extra $60,000. Source: Power & Motoryacht Magazine. Posted - Jun 29 2009 : 12:37:51 . If the access is not there do not buy this boat, it will cost you an arm and a leg down the road to fix things. For 2013, Meridian offers a total of four yachts, all sedan bridge models from thirty-four through fifty-three feet – from the model 341 subject of this review up to its flagship model 541. I would drop ocean spray a note and get his opinion. And your pocketbook will feel better too! Median 391 Sedan Bridge: cleverly designed spaces warrant a round of applause. It was a Bayliner 285. location = document.selecter4.select4.options[document.selecter4.select4.selectedIndex].value location = document.selecter2.select2.options[document.selecter2.select2.selectedIndex].value Model-meridian-desktop. She's already called a dealer and they are vey excited for us to demo a new one. My next boat, whenever that will be, will have diesels. Frankly, I was shocked and apalled by the lack of support for our 50k.... 25 foot glastron GS-259. { function go1() amazon_color_link="206BA2"; TIC.......check your e-mail, I e-mailed you some information I think you need. You'll burn at least double the amount of gas you are now, maybe triple. The 391 is the biggest of two new flybridges (the second is a 341), which form the basis of a big push in Europe by Meridian this year. By Tom Thompson. Google Meridian 341 Review and you can do your own research: 2006 Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge Obsession Newport Yacht Club, Jersey City, NJ Flotilla Commander USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 42 1SR: Homeport: Jersey City, NJ : Flutterby RO# 14378. Don't stretch yourself, remember the bigger the boat the bigger the "on going expense" , forget about the payment, gas, dockage, storage, winterazation, repairs, insurance, the list just goes on. David Lockwood spends a day onboard the family-friendly cruiser - typical cruising family included, New & Used Boat Sales - Find Boats For Sale Online - boatsales.com.au. The layout, space, and value all are strong points, it's the service, repairs and dealer problems that have me scared. } I guess that was a stupid question.. Optional engines include 425-hp and 480-hp Cummins diesels with optional Zeus pod drives.