Following the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012, several stories were struck from official Star Wars canon, but The Clone Wars feature film and animated series remained. The list includes films, television episodes, novels, comic books, short stories, video games, and other promotional material. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a action adventure sci-fi animated television series. It premiered on September 17, 2010. They fought alongside the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars but turned on them when Darth Sidious activated Order 66. The clones are people; they are individuals with personalities and traits. It's a series that doesn't seem to get mentioned much anymore, but for fans who haven't experienced Tartakovsky's Clone Wars, it's very much worth seeking out. Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars series was later relegated - alongside the rest of the Expanded Universe - to the non-canon Star Wars Legends banner in 2014. The Star Wars. Jabba is iconic and plays a good role in the original trilogy, but The Clone Wars does nothing to improve the Hutts. The general image should not be confused with the quality of, as the quality of many members of the Jedi Council is massively improved and adds a lot to the canon. Their exact definitions fluctuated somewhat during the Legends continuity, but were later formally updated by the new canon continuity when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. He's super modern too, so his favorite movies include Jaws, Die Hard, The Thing, Ghostbusters and Batman. As said, though, Grievous is great in the show. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Nastiest Movie Villains (Who Weren't Force Sensitive). He has a fascinating history as a Kaleesh, but while we get some idea of Grievous' role and mindset in the war, we do not dive into his history, instead of leaving that for the extended universe. Before The Clone Wars Season 7, the novel Ahsoka was fans' best insight into the Padawan's survival of Order 66, but the finale changes the canon. A lot of fans believed that there must have been more to Anakin's fall than what was presented in the prequel trilogy, and oh boy, The Clone Wars adds unbelievable meat to that bone. RELATED: Which Star Wars Clone Wars Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? He can be found as i_Padds on Twitter making bad puns. They believed the Republicwas inherently corrupt and wanted to create a parallel government, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Unlike most large franchises, the current storytelling universe for Star Wars, a.k.a. The ending of The Clone Wars marks the end of an unparalleled era in Star Wars, where an animated show beat all the odds to become one of the most exceptional pieces of content in the world's most iconic franchise. Season 2 … ... but following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, in 2014, it was announced that 2008's The Clone Wars was considered canon, while the 2D series went unmentioned. It is a spectacular achievement that will genuinely get rewatched for years and years to come. Clone troopers were the soldiers of the Galactic Republic. As … There is no need to take a dig at performer Ahmed Best, who does a great job, but not even something as great as The Clone Wars could improve a character like Jar Jar who (unless you are twelve and under) is just not an enjoyable character. Related: Star Wars 9 Theory: Snoke Was Actually Palpatine All Along. Their relationship feels emotional, real, and something in which fans can get invested. Also great is Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Palpatine, Savage Opress, and, of course, Maul. The Clone Wars makes them so much more. The Cantina is here for us to celebrate what we love about Star … Clone Commanders or clone trooper commanders were commanding Clone Troopers. However, Star Wars canon still has some killer superweapons.Here, … Related: Genndy Tartakovsky Movies & TV Shows, Ranked. Matt Lanter and Catherine Taber deserve the highest of praise, as well as George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and the writing team for what they did with the newlyweds. The Wars had their origin in the Separatist Crisis, where a large group of star systems and their representatives in the Republic Senate, seceded from the Galactic Republic. Some of the shows best characters are clones like Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo, Heavy, 99, Jesse, and various other clones like Wolffe, Gregor, Bly, Neyo, Thire, are given stories, personalities, moments to shine, moments to matter; which they do, all of them matter. Genndy Tartakovsky wasn't involved with this project, which became a beloved series in its own right, and after a long hiatus will return for season 7 on streaming service Disney+. One thing that is never explored in the prequels is the clones. The series is set afterAttack of the Clones and later, aligns withRevenge of the Sith. Many clones in the 501st, Asajj Ventress (incepted in 2003 originally), Hondo Ohnaka, Savage Opress, Satine Kryze, Bo-Katan Kryze, and many others are just amazing, and characters fans want to see in many other parts of the canon. universe is all connected.. A more obscure element of the EU becoming canon came via an aside in … Fett family history (The Mandalorian) Season 2 of The Mandalorian was the gift that kept on … The following list identifies what is now considered official canon. NEXT: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Worst Thing About Each Main  Character, Ranked, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This timeline is intended to list narrative-based canon media by an in-universe chronology. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Battle Tales is an anthology miniseries published by IDW Publishing released from May 2020-September 2020. In the years since, Disney expanded the galaxy far, far away with a new trilogy of movies and Star Wars ' first live-action TV show, but The Clone Wars continued to be a vital … In the early 2000s, Hasbro asked Lucasfilm to develop something between prequel films, which they hoped would boost action figure sales and help promote the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars series is one of the franchise's most underrated entries, so why is it no longer considered canon? Most villains in Star Wars eventually receive a powerful superweapon capable of obliterating everything in its path. What the show does to add to the canon, is give it incredible, original characters. Many clones in the 501st, Asajj Ventress (incepted in 2003 originally), Hondo Ohnaka, Savage Opress, Satine Kryze, Bo-Katan Kryze, and many others are just amazing, and characters fans want to see in many other parts of the canon. However, whether it be their ignorance towards the real people, their attachment to the Jedi Code, Mace Windu's treatment of Anakin, everyone's treatment of Ahsoka, and, again, Mace Windu's attitude, the image and likeability of the Council are not made better in the show. Set between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, the beloved animated series added new depth to classic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, and Boba Fett, … Samurai Jack Season 6: Updates & Will It Happen? This also means Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars show is now a Legends tale. This is deliberate, but still, one cannot help but love most of the Jedi individually, but find them frustrating as a unit. Star Wars: 10 Nastiest Movie Villains (Who Weren't Force Sensitive), Star Wars: 10 Best Clone Commanders Of The Clone Wars. In Star Wars canon, Order 66 is kept entirely secret from the public and the Jedi and is specifically enforced by a brain implant added to all Clones before they’re born. Attack Of The Clones and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith don't dedicate a huge amount of screen time to the three-year conflict, so to fill in the gaps for fans, a 2D animated show dubbed Star Wars: Clone Wars was created. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Thrawn, or Mitth'raw'nuruodo, is a peculiar case in the Star Wars franchise as a rare example of a character successfully transferred from the "Expanded Universe" (now Legends) into Disney’s canon. ... A place to discuss Star Wars with a huge emphasis on positivity. Which Star Wars Clone Wars Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? [edit] Timeline of canon media | Wookieepedia | Fandom. Stories from the Extended Universe were deemed out of continuity, but some elements (such as Star Wars Rebels antagonist Grand Admiral Thrawn) could be folded into future projects. This covers anything in the saga that isn't the main Star Wars movies or certain spinoffs like the 3D Star Wars: The Clone Wars show, which are considered the "immovable" objects of the franchise. Star Wars creator George Lucas always had a grander version for the saga than the practical effects used in the original trilogy could allow, so he waited until technology had caught up before embarking on a prequel trilogy. Mid-lockdown, Den of Geek’s Star Wars experts talk The Clone Wars and The Rise of Skywalker news. Like Jar Jar Binks, the various Hutt characters are not exactly amazing. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones was the second chapter, following young Anakin Skywalker falling in love with Padmé Amidala, but an emerging threat leads to the beginning of the infamous Clone Wars. Padraig has been writing about film online since 2012, when a friend asked if he’d like to contribute the occasional review or feature to their site. They are just clones, soldiers of the Republic, and pawns of Palpatine. Lucasfilm met with Tartakovsky, who agreed to the project if the shorts co… Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars series is considered one of the most underrated entries in the franchise, but why is it no longer canon? We also get Palpatine kicking ass with lightsabers, and it is legendary, the main villains of the prequels are all improved, and then some, in The Clone Wars. Anakin and Padmé got a lot of stick in the prequels for lack of chemistry, abysmal dialogue, and poor performances. The 2003 Genndy Tartakovsky-created Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series, unlike anything Star Wars has seen before or since, was a part of that canon wipe. ... Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Henry Gilroy Scott Murphy Steven Melching: 2008-08-14 22 BBY: TV: The … The Clone Wars Finale Rewrites Key Parts of Star Wars Canon. What the show does to add to the canon, is give it incredible, original characters. She was the younger daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie and the sister of Sola Naberrie. Amidala was very fond of the Rodian, whom she referred to as \"Uncle Ono.\… It is the forty-fifth episode of the series overall. Star Wars: 5 Imperial Leaders Who Make Moff Gideon Look Like A Womp Rat (& 5 Who Were Surprisingly Kind), The Clone Wars: 5 Ways It Improves The Star Wars Canon (& 5 Ways It Doesn't), one of the most exceptional pieces of content. A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games – he even (arguably) had a little bit of talent for it. The blue-skinned Chiss from the Unknown Regions , a strategic mastermind with a peculiar penchant for art, Thrawn had his canonic debut in Star Wars Rebels . They were gradually replaced by Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. After several years of political turmoil and localized conflicts, the Clone Wars erupted i… The Star Wars: Clone Wars show ran between Episode's II & III, and in addition to keeping decent continuity with the movies, it introduced Revenge Of The Sith villain General Grievous. Through a lousy movie and seven fantastic seasons, the show is remarkable, but at points, it is less than perfect. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. What makes The Clone Wars so fantastic - alongside gorgeously crafted stories, immense action, and everything else good about the show - is the characters. However, Den of Geek's Ryan Britt notes that the final … After The Force Awakens , multiple films have been released, the anthology films Rogue One (2016) and Solo , (2018); as well as the second sequel trilogy film, The Last Jedi (2017), and the third, The Rise of Skywalker (2019). Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars series is one of the franchise's most underrated entries, so why is it no longer considered canon? Disney taking over Star Wars from George Lucas changed the nature of canon for the franchise. They are an outstanding pair of characters, and their presence, growth, dynamic, and impact adds so much to the canon. The Star Wars website also details the role of canon, Expanded Universe (or \"EU\") sources, and how they fit into overall Star Wars continuity. Clone Wars was a micro-series, with episodes in the first two seasons running about three minutes long, while the third and final season featured episodes that ran over ten minutes. ... N-canon Star Wars Tales stories Skippy the Jedi Droid by Peter David (published in Tales #1) Stop that Jawa! The standout is Maul, who adds so much to the show and the canon after his return that it is almost unfair for a character to be that good. "Clone Cadets" is the first episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars changes all of that. After the Battle of Christophsis, Anakin and Ahsoka were assigned to rescue and return Rotta the Huttlet to his father Jabba. Dooku is incredible throughout his time on the show, and Asajj matches up too. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle. A lot of fans felt the emphasis on CGI and actors performing against green screen robbed the series of its humanity, which wasn't helped by the often stilted dialogue. Next: Samurai Jack Season 6: Updates & Will It Happen? The Clone wars adds a whole lot to the Star Wars universe... and while some of it is an improvement, some we could do without. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Characters like Mace Windu, Chancellor Palpatine, Captain Tarkin, and others play their part in pushing Anakin to the brink of his emotions. Into The Badlands Spin-Off Updates: Will It Happen? These cadets -- Hevy, Cutup, Droidbait, Fives and Echo -- seem to be a "bad batch" and are unable to work as a team. Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars - Battle Tales. The popularity of the shorts led to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a 3D animated show that also covered the years between Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. In the most pivotal moment in … Stuff like "The Senate Murders," "Bombad Jedi," and the Droid arc - to most people, not all - are pointless and plain bad, alongside a few other arcs and episodes that add nothing to the canon. Which Star Wars The Clone Wars Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? The Phantom Menace is the first film in the prequel trilogy and the canonical “start” of Star Wars on-screen. A theatrical film the same name was released August 15, 2008 and served as a pilot to the series. Criticism of any content is allowed, but do so respectfully towards the creators as well as the fans. Christopher Cerasi stated,Lucas Licensing editor Sue Rostoni elaborated further on the place of printed Expanded Universe sources in Star Wars Gamer 6,In a December 6, 2006 post on the offici… While the Legends canon introduced some fairly radical super-weapons such as the Sun Crusher, the modern canon has greatly reduced the number of Death Star-like superweapons. Darth Plagueis, by author James Luceno, tells … For the generation of fans who grew up watching the prequel trilogy, however, they still hold a special place and the movies have been reassessed more positively in recent years. Jar Jar Binks is a character who, despite his appeal to children, has never got much love from Star Wars fans. It follows Anakin as a child and introduces us to Obi-Wan, Padme, and the Separatist threat prior to the outbreak of war. A human female of the Naberrie family, the woman best remembered as Amidala was born Padmé Naberrie on the bountiful planet of Naboo in 46 BBY. But with all that greatness also comes some filler that adds absolutely nothing. Star Wars: Clone Wars was created by Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) who brought his talent for storytelling and action sequences to the show. Lucasfilm Ltd. identifies the six films of the original trilogy and prequel trilogy, and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series as the "immovable objects of Star Wars history, the characters and events to which all other tales must align." Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace, Plo Koon, and Kit Fisto are all phenomenal characters. Originally released as a film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was quickly converted into a television show back in 2008. The Jedi High Council's blaming of Ahsoka for a terrorist attack and her leaving the Order was another step in Anakin's fall, so too was the lie from Obi-Wan that he had died. The Clone Wars has so many beautiful, tragic, and epic arcs that add so much to the canon. Long story short, It’s the official Star Wars history. The general rule of thumb became that only select properties, including the six live-action films and the CGI-animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, would be canon, and from that point on, all the projects Disney … The details of the crime world are not really explored in the series, and on top of that Ziro, the Hutt is pretty intolerable as a character, only being well done when surrounded by far greater villains like Cad Bane and Dooku. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Best Clone Commanders Of The Clone Wars. These “control chips” removed a clone’s free will and made them attack Jedi without question. Darth Maul wanted to kill Anakin before everyone else did. Star Wars: Clone Wars is an American animated television micro-series set in the Star Wars universe and developed and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky.